About Me

Hi there! My name is Erin and I’m the home cook behind this blog. I’ve been dreaming about starting a food blog for a long time. I work a full time day job that I truly enjoy, but my happiest moments are my evenings at home when I get to cook a delicious meal and hear my three favorite words from my husband, “Thanks for cookin’!” I love hearing how happy my food makes my husband, so I’ve finally decided to share my yummy creations with you and your family too! Hopefully these recipes bring a little of our happiness into your home!

My love of food and cooking started early on. I can remember spending weekend mornings frying up pancakes or french toast in lots of butter to get them good and crispy. I remember making a simple butter and flour roux in the microwave to make a personal portion of macaroni and cheese. When I moved into my first apartment in college, one of the first meals I made was a whole roasted chicken, not something every 18 year old wants to try! My parents are good cooks, too. I can’t wait to share with you some of their classics like my Mom’s lasagna or my Dad’s baked beans.

I always try to come up with new and creative meals to feed my husband or our family and friends (I have one friend who has quickly become my designated dessert taster!). I pull inspiration from cooking shows, food magazines, cook books and of course, Pinterest and other awesome bloggers. My kitchen truly is my happy place, and now I’m inviting you into it.

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